Quantum Сomputing: scientific animation
Nature Journal Macmillan Publishers
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Nature Outline is a supplement to the journal Nature that uses multimedia to explore the applications of science, technology and medicine. Nature collaborated with Visual Science to create an edition on quantum computers.

The two-page illustrated explainer covered the differences between classical and quantum computing (e.g. bits vs qubits), the challenges of building a working quantum computer, and the ways quantum computing could revolutionize science and technology.

Visual Science created the supplement’s graphical concept, illustrations, and cover design, as well as a three-minute scientific animation for Nature’s website. Visual Science’s scientific and design expertise made it possible to create content for both a professional and general audience, thereby accomplishing Nature’s editorial goals and simplifying the publishing process.

Versions of the supplement were sent to print Nature subscribers worldwide, distributed to delegates at meetings and conferences, published on Nature.com and shared with Nature’s more than 3+ million social media followers.

Nature is the world’s most highly-cited interdisciplinary science journal, featuring peer-reviewed research and authoritative analysis of scientific trends. The Nature Outline supplement uses infographics, illustrations, and short animations to explain scientific and technical concepts. The March 2017 edition on quantum computing was sponsored by Nokia Bell Labs.

  • Creative Director, Information Designer:
    Ivan Konstantinov
  • Scientific Consultant, Information Designer, Project Manager:
    Yury Stefanov, PhD
  • Illustrator, Designer:
    Polina Chemeris
  • Art Director:
    Kirill Martianov
  • Animator, Sound Director:
    Mikhail Ivanchuk
  • Communications Manager:
    Anastasia Demina

We are grateful to Michelle Grayson (Senior Editor), Adam Levy (Multimedia Editor), Rebecca Jones (Publishing Project Manager) and Mohamed Ashour (Art Director) from Nature team and Andreas Trabesinger (text author, Owner at Reinschrift Science Communication) for collaborating with us to make this project.

Designers and scientific consultants from Visual Science company demonstrate deep understanding of the subject and high level of professionalism resulting in remarkable quality of the product. Visual Science’s graphics is widely used in all presentational materials of the RUSNANO Corporation, including videos, brochures, press-releases and web-sites
A.V. Trapeznikov
Corporate director, Board member of RUSNANO