Сutting wire for semiconductor production
High-strength cutting wire for semiconductor production
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Ultra-tensile-strength sawing wire for the abrasive cutting of various crystals and hard brittle materials is in great demand in the spheres of solar cells production, LED manufacturing and microelectronics.

  • Principle of cutting a crystal using a wire

    Principle of cutting a crystal using a wire

In the photovoltaic (PV) industry, such wire is used for cutting mono- and polycrystalline silicon into silicon wafers. As in the PV industry, sawing wire is used in microelectronics to produce thin (0.12-1.50 mm) silicon wafers from monocrystalline silicon. The number of silicon wafers produced worldwide is growing rapidly every year, triggering an increased demand for the sawing wire.

  • Structure of the cutting wire surface

    Structure of the wire surface

Cutting Edge Technologies and Advanced Wire Technologies use the innovative technology of plasma surface treatment in the manufacture of sawing wire. The technology improves wire performance characteristics, enhances quality, and lowers wire conversion costs. As a result, wire breaks occur half as often and the product costs 20 percent less than wire from the global market leaders. The production technology includes five steps: wire rod surface treatment and break-down dry drawing, intermediate patenting, intermediate drawing, fine patenting and (brass) plating, and wet drawing.

Cooperation with RUSNANO

The Visual Science Company has cooperated with the RUSNANO Group since 2008, creating a wide range of high quality graphic information materials. Various infographics have been designed to demonstrate the technologies developed and implemented by RUSNANO project companies. The aim of each project is to demonstrate the principle of technology, nanotechnological components of the project and the advantages of the chosen solution compared with analogues.

The work of Visual Science is carried out in a single sheet or slide format. The modular structure of the infographics makes it possible to use it both as a whole piece or as separate components, which is convenient for preparing website illustrations or project reports or publications. Thus one material helps to solve almost all the issues with illustrating the information about the project.

The target audience for these graphics includes professionals in relevant areas, and a wide range of specialists in different fields without a technical background. Scientific accuracy, combined with the optimum degree of generalization allow for communicating equally effectively with target audiences with different background.

All the graphics have been used by the RUSNANO Group for 5 years or more. As usual, the feature of the Visual Science workflow includes the entire spectrum of tasks ranging from analyzing the scientific literature of the project to the preparation of the final graphics on the company’s side that allows saving valuable time of our customers.

I would like to express my gratitude to Visual Science and all its employees who participated in the Second Nanotechnology International Forum organization. Thank you for your professionalism and the high quality product
A.B. Chubais
CEO of SC "Rusnanotech" RUSNANO