Fiber-optic current measurement system
Fiber-optic current measurement system based on the Faraday effect
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The production of nano-enabled fiber optic systems for measuring current and voltage in power grids is very important for the power industry, intelligent energy systems, transportation, metallurgy and mining. Profotech is involved in the production of fiber-optic systems for measuring energy use and power grid protection. The technology is based on incorporating nanofibers into fiber optic current and voltage sensors. Current is measured based on the magneto-optic effects (Faraday effects) that occur in the nanofibers.

  • Fiber optic systems for measuring current

    Fiber optic systems for measuring current

Digital optical measurement transformers represent an alternative to conventional measurement transformers, offering high accuracy in gauging current, voltage and phase. The measured quantities are presented via a digital interface for use in secondary equipment (commercial meters and devices for telemetry, quality control, relay protection and automation). Profotech transformers provide fully digital measurements, reducing error to the greatest extent possible. The nanofibers owe their superior technical characteristics to nanosized quartz ribs, measuring 50 to 80 nanometers, inside the load-bearing quartz sheath on which the fiber’s core is hung. Fiber optic sensors pave the way for intelligent energy systems such as smart grids, ensuring the measurement precision required in such networks. The sensors also make it possible to control and manage electric power grids in real time.

Cooperation with RUSNANO

The Visual Science Company has cooperated with the RUSNANO Group since 2008, creating a wide range of high quality graphic information materials. Various infographics have been designed to demonstrate the technologies developed and implemented by RUSNANO project companies. The aim of each project is to demonstrate the principle of technology, nanotechnological components of the project and the advantages of the chosen solution compared with analogues.

The work of Visual Science is carried out in a single sheet or slide format. The modular structure of the infographics makes it possible to use it both as a whole piece or as separate components, which is convenient for preparing website illustrations or project reports or publications. Thus one material helps to solve almost all the issues with illustrating the information about the project.

The target audience for these graphics includes professionals in relevant areas, and a wide range of specialists in different fields without a technical background. Scientific accuracy, combined with the optimum degree of generalization allow for communicating equally effectively with target audiences with different background.

All the graphics have been used by the RUSNANO Group for 5 years or more. As usual, the feature of the Visual Science workflow includes the entire spectrum of tasks ranging from analyzing the scientific literature of the project to the preparation of the final graphics on the company’s side that allows saving valuable time of our customers.

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