Сontactless finger pricking technology
Detailed illustration of contactless laser finger pricking technology
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Erbitech develops instruments, including laser emitters, for medical tests. The key elements of Erbitech laser devices are synthetic crystals of yttrium aluminum garnet. The instruments use a laser to perforate the skin of the finger for blood sampling without coming in direct contact with the inner skin layers. As a result, the procedure is painless, absolutely sterile, and less expensive than traditional procedures based on perforation by a needle. One of the future products of Erbitech is the Erby perforator, a laser blood glucose testing system for personal use. This instrument will have a built-in glucometer, allowing the patient to monitor his or her blood sugar at home. The laser perforator extracts a microdrop of capillary blood and performs express analysis. The company already markets a laser perforator designed for medical clinics and diagnostic laboratories.

  • Yttrium aluminum garnet crystal fragment

    Y3Al5O12:Er3+ crystal fragment

Patients with diabetes must monitor their blood sugar level on a regular basis. Procedures based on finger pricking can be exhausting and painful, and alternative monitoring methods such as urine checks are less accurate. Given that there are almost half a billion diabetes patients worldwide, the demand for accurate, hygienic and painless glucometers is very high.

Cooperation with RUSNANO

The Visual Science Company has cooperated with the RUSNANO Group since 2008, creating a wide range of high quality graphic information materials. Various infographics have been designed to demonstrate the technologies developed and implemented by RUSNANO project companies. The aim of each project is to demonstrate the principle of technology, nanotechnological components of the project and the advantages of the chosen solution compared with analogues.

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Their superb images are great in accuracy and splendid in design. The virus and antibody pictures are a highlight of our book.
Prof. Reinhard Renneberg
Springer, HKUST (Hon Kong)