Artificial heart valves
Artificial heart valves illustration
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The heart valves, based on innovative work by Roskardioinvest company, has characteristics that closely mimic natural valves, particularly its ability to provide low resistance to blood flow and its low level of thrombogenicity. In addition to distinctions in the valve’s construction, the technology for measured nanolayered implantation of carbon in a titanium ring makes the valves unique.

  • Valves of the healthy heart - medical illustration

    Valves of the healthy heart

The precision composite carbonaceous layer has excellent biocompatibility. Moreover, it lowers thrombosis and provides a barrier that prevents metal ions of the titanium ring from entering the organism. The project is expected to run for 10 years. Production of the bicuspid valve began in the second quarter of 2010. The company also plans to produce the tricuspid valves with pyrolytic carbon cusps and polyamide cusps.

Based on RUSNANO (Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies) press release.

  • Illustration of tri- and bicuspid artificial heart valves

    Tri- and bicuspid artificial heart valves

Cooperation with RUSNANO

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